Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday: Moot Point

Well, here we are, our final day has been completed.  We hope and anticipate that our experience in India will continue to unfold and teach us as we have moments in our lives where we reflect back upon the last 3 weeks.  We took the day by the horns and tried to make the most of it, realizing anything after this would be a Moot Point.  Which takes us into our activity for the day . . . visiting the Colony of Moot.

Moot is a very small colony consisting of only about 10 people, but it made it's point loud and clear.  It is about an hour and a half from RSO campus, and has been described as a slice of heaven.  We took a country lane to get out there, and stopped to take pictures and watch a large family of monkeys.  The colony is made up of a few buildings and a central area for the colony members, and you haven't met a happier, more harmonious group of people.  Everyone at the colony takes really good care of their ulcers, so many of them don't even need our medical services.  They are all a little older, so our visits extend past just medical, but social, mental, and spiritual healing as well.  However, we left being the ones who were spiritually uplifted.  It is impossible to leave that place in a bad mood.  The most outspoken member of the colony is Jayraj.  He was poking fun, singing, dancing, laughing, and anything to keep us entertained.  He is always just primed a ready for a performance.  He is very quick, and cleverly thinks on his toes.  There was also an older man who seemed to have the colony organized very well.  He made sure everything was in place, and that no one left anything behind.  He is like the colony grandfather who silently keeps his eyes on everything.  Another favorite from Moot was a woman named Saroja.  Saroja has one leg that has been cut off at the knee, and leprosy has badly inflicted her right eye, basically covering it at this point.  I bonded with Saroja more than any other colony member we have visited.  No words were spoken, she knows no English, I know no Tamil, but the unspoken communication was strong as we embraced and kissed one another on the forehead.  This woman is so full of love, and was very affectionate with each volunteer.  She is a very tender spirit, as have each of the colony members been.  If India will teach you about one thing, it will teach you about love.

Leaving and saying goodbye to the kids tonight was probably harder than any medical or construction thing we had to do this trip.  Many of the little ones didn't get it, while the older ones keep asking when we are coming back.  We have developed a strong bond with many of these boys individually, and they have taught us very important lessons on life.  We will definitely expand on all of this more, but we plan on doing a recap once we get back into the States where we share what we have learned from the trip as a whole and provide some media as well.  We have long travel ahead of us, so please excuse us for backing out early, but stay tuned for our trip recap.  Thank you so much for everyone who has experienced this journey with us.  We love your support and love, and pray that you may also have the opportunity to share in our love for India someday.  We love you!  Check out the video below.  The picture quality won't be the best because I had to download a smaller version of the video.  When we can download a larger version, I will update the video.

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